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    Activity I

    Date: 04-02-2015
    Study trip was organised for student-teachers of History group to historical places – T.Narasipura, Talakadu and Somanathpura.
    Science student-teachers attended a lecture cum demonstration on “Improvised teaching-learning materials in physics” using low cost and no cost technology organised by Jayanagar Shikshanika Samiti and conducted by Dr. Baluragi.

    Activity 2

    Date: 18 – 02 – 2015
    A seminar was organised in collaboration with Rashtra Gourava Samrakshaka Samiti on Tanthya Tope and Lala Lajpat Ray to commemorate their 200th and 150th birth anniversary respectively for lecturers of under graduate courses of Bangalore University.

    Activity 3

    Date: 04 - 03 – 2015
    All the student-teachers and faculty members of the institution attended National Level Seminar on “Emerging Frontiers of Educational Technologies” organised by “Centre for Human Resource Development”. Dr.G.Vijayakumari presented a concept paper on “Innovative trends “
    All the participants were awarded certificates.

    Activity 4

    Date: 11 – 04 – 2015
    A one day Personality Development Programme “Advanced Minds” was organised for student-teachers.
    The resource person was Sri. Satish from Advanced Minds.

    Activity 5

    Date: 22 – 04 – 2015
    A one day workshop was conducted on free web resources ( Teacherstryscience) for teaching science and social science for student-teachers by the NGO “Learning Links” working in collaboration with IBM on the projects STEM and STEAM.

    Activity 6

    Date: 23 – 04 – 2015
    A one day orientation programme was organised on Goal Setting and Interview skills.

    Activity 7

    Date: 13 – 04 – 2015
    An in-house discussion session was organised on Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) for the faculty members of the institution which was moderated by Dr. Padma Sarangapani from TISS, Mumbai.

    Activity 8

    Date: 6th and 7th May, 2015
    An orientation programme on constructivism and Five E Model was conducted for Faculty members, student-teachers and also teacher-educators of Bangalore University. Dr. G.Vijayakumari , Associate Professor, Vijaya Teachers College was the resource person.
    A lesson based on Five E Model was demonstrated by Dr.G.Vijayakumari.
    All the faculty members have planned lesson episodes on Five E Model in their respective methods.
    Student-teachers are further guided to prepare lesson episodes on Five E Model and implement during practice in teaching.

    Activity 12

    Date: 16 – 02 - 2015
    A one day orientation programme on courses “Content and Pedagogy of Social Science and Mathematics” was organised for teacher-educators of Bangalore University.
    Dr. D.Hemalatha and Dr.G.Vijayakumari were the resource persons.

    Activity 13

    Date: 26th march 2015
    Health Awareness Campaign was undertaken by students of Vijaya Teachers College at Guddadahalii, Dodballapur Taluk, as a community based programme.
    Jata and skits based on cleanliness and good health were performed in and around the village for the residents.

    Activity 14

    An add-on course on communicative English was organised for student-teachers.
    The syllabus was developed by the resource team Sri. Srinath, Sri. Mohankumar and Smt.Leela (all retired English Lecturers and State Resource persons in English) conducted the classes.
    Pre and post assessment was done.
    Student-Teachers will be awarded certificates.